Joe van der Zwet

Developer from Earth

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All of my public projects, from Discord bots and Flutter Apps to Websites and Minecraft Mods.

Taikura App

Paied Project Taikura RSSH
Taikura App is an app I built for Android and IOS using Flutter. It allows Parents and Students to receive notices from Staff with esase.

Taikura Admin

Paied Project Taikura RSSH
Taikura Admin is an admin panel I build using react. It allows Staff to send out notices to Parents and Students.

Taikura API

Paied Project Taikura RSSH
Taikura API is an nodejs express RESTful api. It is the backend framework for Taikura App and Taikura Admin.

Galacticraft Rich Presence

Minecraft Mod 2k+ Downloads
Galacticraft Rich Presence is a Minecraft mod that shows current dimension infomation on Discord using Discord Rich Presence.

NoCopyrightSounds Unofficial Discord Bot

Discord Bot 6k+ Guilds
NCSUB is an unofficial bot I built to play music from the label NoCopyrightSounds in Discord voice channels.

Just a FabricMC Tech Mod (JFTM)

Minecraft Mod Unreleased
JFTM is an unreleaed mod I am making for Minecraft. It adds tech to the game using the FabricMC framework.


Minecraft Mod Unreleased
Galacticraft-Fabric is a FabricMC port of the popular Minecraft mod Galacticraft. Galacticraft-Fabric is made in colaberation with Micdoodle8 and TeamGalacticraft.




I track my coding activity using Wakatime.