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Galacticraft Rich Presence is a add-on mod for Galacticraft that allows you to display what planet moon or space station you are on using Discord Rich Presence. Galacticraft Rich Presence also supports planet moons and space stations from other add-on mods for Galacticraft.


Extra Planets recently released a update that enables compatability between Galaxy Space and itself, if EP detects GS it appends EP on the end of planet names that the two mods share, this is currently a BREAKING issue and is being fixed in 2.0.0.


There are custom configuration options that can be found on the Configuration page.


You can download Galacticraft Rich Presence from the Curse(-Forge)/Twitch page, if you see it posted on another site please contact me ASAP either on Discord (JoeZwet#6252) or email me [email protected] as this is in violation of the Terms and Conditions.

Galacticraft Central

Galacticraft Rich Presence is part of the Galacticraft Central family, which is a Discord community centered around Galacticraft and its Add-ons. You can join the Discord here.